Is blogging income halal in Islam?

Is blogging income halal – Blogging is a creative profession. Many people are constantly earning money from here and planning to start a new job again.

But the question that confuses us as Muslims is whether blogging income is halal.

So today, we are discussing this answer in detail. I hope everybody on this site also had a great day.

What is blogging? A halal way for blogging income

Is earning from blogging halal? To understand this answer correctly, we need to know what blogging is.

What is the medium of blogging? What is the way to earn money by blogging?

So first, we are trying to clear these three answers. Because if you don’t know these answers, it will be challenging to understand whether blogging income is halal.

What is blogging?

Everything in the world seems to be changing fast. For example, shopping is a means of earning money from transactions.

All aspects of daily life are becoming online-centric. However, the sector that has changed the most is the medium of publishing articles and columns.

Earlier, the only medium for publishing a story, poem, or knowledge-based essay was a printed paper magazine.

At that time, the literary works of very few writers were published in famous and expensive magazines. And Little Magazine – there were problems.

But as a result of the change of days, the situation is no more. Now a writer can deliver his writing to countless readers without resorting to anyone.

With the help of popular social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc., or one’s website, an overnight writer can serve the glory of his knowledge globally.

If you publish good writing, readers will find their favourite author.

The author does not have to go to the reader’s door with books and magazines, and the reader appears at the author’s door.

This is online publishing – this is blogging. Blog content is created by adding image videos etc., to it.

A writer or someone who publishes writing online is a blogger in another language.

However, there are some differences between writers and bloggers, considering other aspects.

How is blogging done?

If you want, a blogger can use social media such as Facebook, YouTube, and Pinterest or create a personal blog feature website and blogging.

However, a professional blogger has no alternative to owning a website.

In short, blogging is done online – using social media or publishing content on your website.

Ways to earn money from blogging.

This answer is fundamental because whether blogging income is Halal or Haram depends on this answer. So try to understand it better.

A blogger makes a lot of money; however, I highlight some of the most popular and significant ways.

  • One – Income from Google Adsense.
  • Two– Ear Income from affiliate marketing.
  • Three – Income by selling web site or social media page group.
  • Four – Earn from sponsorship.
  • Five – Income through backlink sales.

Is earning from blogging halal?

Is blogging income halal or not – the answer is – yes and no. Since the medium of income from blogging differs, his order will not be the same. A medium that does not support Sharia will not be halal.

However, there is no difficulty in making income using the medium that supports Sharia.

We discuss each mentioned means in detail, which will help differentiate between halal and haram ways.

Income from Google Adsense

AdSense is one of the unique services provided by Google. They receive ads from different companies and show those ads on other websites.

And in exchange for the ad, Google pays a part of the money to the site owner where the ad is shown.

But if the ad shown is a halal product, then the income from the ad will be halal. And if the ad is a haram product, its income will also be haram.

Moreover, Ad reveals that if a woman’s picture is added or a method is adopted which does not support Islam, the income will not be halal. You can read this post to learn more about income from Adsense.

Income from affiliate marketing

Another popular means of blogging income is affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is an excellent source of income.

Affiliate marketing is the process of generating sales by writing reviews of a product.

Then the e-commerce site from which the affiliate membership is taken pays a dividend to that marketer.

As such, it is possible to generate halal income through affiliate marketing.

Only an affiliate marketer must always write halal product reviews on his website.

Income from sponsorship – blogging income halal

Another great way to earn a living is through support. A company chooses a page group or website with exemplary visitors to promote its product or service to inform customers.

They pay the site owner a reasonable budget in exchange for showing their ad on that site.

If halal products and methods are used while receiving the ad, then there is no objection to the sponsorship’s income being halal.

If it is possible to take a website to a good position on Google, they can make money from the owner by linking to another website from that site.

If the site being given backlinks does not provide any haram product or service, this income will also be halal.

Income from website sales

After working on a website for two or three years, it is possible to sell that site reasonably. In this case, the price will be available according to the site’s value.

If you have a monthly earning of 200/250 dollars, selling for approximately 8/9 thousand dollars is possible.

And if you have a monthly earning of 500 dollars, you can sell for an estimated 18/19 thousand dollars.

However, the website must work in a halal way. Otherwise, the money from selling it will not be halal.

Is blogging income halal, last but not least?

It is not possible to say whether blogging income is halal or haram, and this is because there are many ways and means of earning money by blogging, halal and haram.

But here is a fundamental principle about blogging income halal or haram.

It is haram to engage in any way that does not support Islam to earn income from blogging.

And if income is earned in any way that supports Islam, it will be halal without hesitation. God

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there is a add in your website that supports gambling

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Bruh, your website is showing womens in ADs ✌️

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