Are Anklets Haram? – A Comprehensive Guide to Wearing Anklets in Islam

A necklace is a beautiful ornament. It multiplies the beauty of a girl. But the question is – Are anklets Haram?

Because jewellery-conscious girls from all countries wear anklets, among them, the number of girls who do not obey the rules of Islam is very high.

That is why this question naturally arises among Muslim girls, Are anklets haram?

Today in our article, we are discussing in detail the rules of Islam regarding necklaces. I hope it will be helpful for everyone.

What are anklets in Islam?

In Islam, anklets are a type of jewellery worn on the ankles by some Muslim women. There is no specific religious significance to wearing anklets in Islam.

Still, it is considered permissible as long as it is not worn to attract attention or adorn oneself in a manner that goes against Islamic modesty guidelines.

Some Muslim women wear anklets as a cultural or personal preference, while others choose not to wear them.

Ultimately, whether or not to wear anklets is a personal choice for Muslim women, as long as it does not contradict Islamic principles.

Are anklets Haram?

Wearing anklets in Islam is not haram. The reason why anklets are not haram is that – anklets are not prohibited in the Qur’an and Hadiths regarding women’s adornment.

That’s why a Muslim girl can wear anklets and make her legs more attractive.

But the condition is that a girl can not reveal it before a man after the anklet. Because Muslim girls must wear hijab when going out.

And hijab is a complete covering from head to toe. That’s why you can’t present anklets outside.

However, in front of the husband, the anklet can be removed. Because there is no difficulty in expressing the beauty of a woman’s body in front of her husband in an attractive way. rather
That is desirable.

There is no problem in wearing anklets of gold or anklets of silver or any other material. All types of anklets are halal for Muslim girls.

Are anklets Haram for Muslim men?

Yes, of course, anklets are haram for Muslim men. Because anklets are women’s jewellery. In the hadith, men who indulge in the prostitution of women are threatened with severe punishment.

That is why Muslim scholars have all agreed that it is haram for men to wear women’s clothes or women’s ornaments. And since anklets are a unique ornament for women, they cannot be worn by Muslim men.


Q: Can Muslim women wear anklets?

A: Yes, Muslim women can wear anklets as long as they are not worn in a mod

Q: Are there any exceptions to wearing anklets in Islam?

A: There are exceptions to the rule regarding wearing anklets in Islam.

For example, if a woman has a medical condition that requires her to wear an anklet for support or stability, then it would be permissible for her to do so.

Similarly, if a woman is performing a dance or a cultural activity requiring her to wear an anklet, it would also be permissible.

Q: Can men wear anklets in Islam?

A: While women wear anklets more commonly, men can wear them. However, men are also required to dress modestly in Islam and should not wear anklets in the immodest way.


In conclusion, whether anklets are haram or halal in Islam is not clear-cut.

While some Islamic scholars consider wearing anklets to be haram, others believe they are permissible as long as they are not worn immodestly.

The critical thing to remember is that in Islam, modesty and respect for oneself and others are fundamental principles that should guide a Muslim’s dress and behaviour.

Therefore, if a woman chooses to wear an anklet, she should do so with the intention of modesty and without seeking attention.

Ultimately, it is up to the individual to decide whether or not wearing an anklet is appropriate in their particular cultural and social context.

We hope this article has provided a comprehensive guide to wearing anklets in Islam and helped answer whether anklets are haram or halal.

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